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April 24, 2021

Microneedling Tips and Tricks!

Microneedling has been part of my Skincare regime, for quite some time. In fact, it is one of my favorite treatments when it comes to clinical skincare. 

While I was practicing Esthetics, Microneedling was a treatment I performed regularly for clients seeking help diminishing their fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, etc.

This was also incredible for stimulating collagen production, and igniting the Fibroblasts deep in the skin. 

I love to get creative and innovative with whatever treatment I am performing. So, after taking a break from Esthetics, I decided to try out some of my favorite treatments on myself. 

Here are a few of my own go to treatments!

Selatox Microneedling Facials are incredible! I try to fit mine in 1 x per month. Selatox is a Peptide packed super serum, and it infuses the skin on a deeper level! I love to use it with the Dr. Pen, and love to play with the following,

Selatox and Neuramis, I love to add a tiny bit of Neuramis HA to my Selatox. The combination of these 2, is INCREDIBLE!!! It provides a blanket of hydration and provides a beautiful GLOW!

I also love to use my Neuramis Light alone with my Dr. Pen. This provides a layer of hydration, and infuses the skin with all the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid.

As far as treatment is concerned, it is very easy. I try to pick a day I can stay in, and go makeup free. 

I always start with my One Point Oil Cleanser, this draws all impurities out of my Skin, and preps it for my treatment.

Apply Zensa numbing cream in a light smooth layer, all over skin. Leave this on for 30-35 Mins. 

Gently remove with a Alcohol wipe, this removes all residue, so the device and serum are able to penetrate properly.

Apply your chosen serum to Skin. Any of the following are AMAZING! Selatox, Neuramis Light, Special Skincare Booster/Cocktail, Silky Peel, Ronas Honey Ampoule, Serum Arbutin 5%, and Serum Sodium DNA.

Less is more. I say this all the time. I have always approached my treatments with a conservative and soft approach. For example, let the machine do the work. I love the Dr. Pen for so many reasons. As the user, you just hold the device, and let it do the work. I like to do everything in a clean pattern. This prevents you from going too heavy handed, and also provides the best application and technique. 

- Forehead- This area is super sensitive, I like to do this last. Let the numbing cream sit on a tiny bit longer.

Under Eye- Be very mindful and careful here as the skin around our eyes is extremely delicate. I like to use the 3 Pin, or 5 Pin around the crows feet areas. I have this on the lowest setting. I never want to be too invasive, the main idea is to safely and gently stimulate more Collagen production.

- Cheeks- this area tends to have a little more fat, making it easier to glide your pen.

Nose- I like to split this up into sections, our noses are super boney, so I try to be careful about my angles with the pen. I will do one it in 3 sections.

- Chin- this area is easier for me as well! I tend to have a little enlarged pores, in this area, so I love the Microneedling! It also really helps to tighten up the chin and jawline!

-Lips- Never neglect your Lips! I always Microneedle mine at least once a month. I truly believe this has boosted my own Collagen and Elastin production. I love to use a mixture of the 3, 5, and 36 Pins. The 3 Pin works beautifully on the Vermillion Border! This also restores the natural coloring in our lips. This is one trick for achieving a fuller pout! Think about how much more full your lips look when you outline them with your favorite lip liner... this is going to eventually give you that same look, but naturally.

- Neck- Tech neck is a real thing! Microneedling is one way to fight against current fine lines and wrinkles on this area, but it can also prevent them from occurring. Prevention is everything in Skincare. I am a big believer in helping to prevent and reverse.

- Decollate/ Chest- this area benefits so much from this procedure! The Decollate and Neck area both have thin skin, and can easily loose elasticity overtime. This can also be referred to as "Lax Skin". Microneedling is a wonderful way to combat Lax Skin. 

-Lips: I love to accentuate and enhance my lips with the Dr. Pen 3 Pin, and 5 Pin. 

Deep wrinkles, are also a great area to use these attachments.

-All over Face: 36 Pin, Nano Pin

Gently use your Device is 2 directions, Horizontal and Vertical, one pass each direction. I like to apply my Serum as I am going. Once done, I like to gently massage the products in, and finish with the Medi Cell Mask.

Calming Serum has been my life saver, I like to apply this throughout the day, especially after my Microneedling treatment.

This serum is infused with tons of healing ingredients. Tiger Grass aids in healing the skin from the inside out, while a mix of 8 Medicinal Herbs revitalize the Skin.

Cica Perfect Sun Cream is a must have item with any of these treatments. Keep in mind that with any Skincare treatment, you are going to be more sensitive to the Sun, and also environmental factors such as pollutants. 

Cica Sun is so much more than a Sunscreen! It is infused with Tiger Grass as well, this also provides a natural Green tint to the skin. This helps to combat inflammation, sensitivity and redness. Think of it as a healing, and protective beauty cream. 

Microneedling aids in upping product absorption by up to 450%, this means that whatever you choose to apply or use with this Device, is going to be that much more effective.

I hope this helps share some insight of my personal favorite go to Microneedling Treatments! I promise, you will be OBSESSED!

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